As regular classes begin, online study continues: The Tribune India



Pratibha Chauhan

Tribune press service

Shimla, October 30

Even though regular classes for students in grades IX to XII will start from November 2, the education department today issued instructions regarding continued online classes and non-compulsory attendance.

Co-Secretary of Education Ved Prakash gave orders to the directors of higher and elementary education and the state project director regarding the reopening of state educational institutions .

The orders state that there must be strict adherence to social distancing standards. “If the number of students is greater than the capacity of the classrooms after having followed the physical distancing, the principal can authorize attendance on alternate days or shifts as appropriate,” say the orders. Parents’ written permission to attend school or college courses is always required. It states that attendance should not be imposed.

Tuition Fee Ordinance Withdrawn

The Education Ministry withdrew its previous orders directing private schools to charge only tuition fees during the pandemic when only online classes were held.

“The case was brought before the competent authority and it was approved that with a view to the gradual lifting of the confinement, the instructions issued by the director of higher education on May 27, 2020, be withdrawn with immediate effect” , specify the decrees.

It was reliably learned that the previous order was withdrawn after a discussion at the Cabinet meeting. The High Court orders regarding the imposition of fees by a residential school were discussed and it was felt that the previous order should now be withdrawn.


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