Andalusia | Junta grants preliminary approval to Andalusia’s first online university

Andalusian ministers in Linares. / PE

The project will offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and research streams

The ministers of the Junta de Andalucía have approved the project of the Atlantic-Mediterranean Technological University (UTAMED), an initiative promoted by Medac, a vocational training institute with more than 100,000 students, and in which the Vocento publishing group is a minority partner.

The approval of the preliminary draft was announced by Vice President Juan Marín during a press conference in Linares on Monday, February 7.

The university is a response to the growing demand for online higher education and will offer undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, and research projects in technology and the liberal arts. The initial catalog of degrees includes specializations in areas such as digital economy and business intelligence, digital marketing, law, digital communication and journalism. It will also offer masters in Digital Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Automation and Artificial Intelligence, Educational and Digital Technology and Digital Ethics and doctoral studies based on Digital Society and Technology and three lines of research: Educational Technologies, Ethics in the Digital Age and digital economy.

Francisco Ávila, president of the university, said that the project “manages to break with more than 20 years of delay in Andalusia to implement distance university studies with regard to Catalonia and Madrid”.

The UTAMED academic council is made up of professors from different public and private European universities who have supervised the development of the project “and will be the guarantors of its quality and orientation”.

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