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DITO CME, the communications, media and entertainment arm of Udenna Group, and CloudSwyft, a global education technology company based in the Philippines, are collaborating with Alibaba Cloud to develop Filipinos through the online education platform LUNA Academy .


Alibaba Cloud will equip LUNA Academy, an online educational platform jointly launched by DITO CME and CloudSwyft, with its cloud computing and storage products, including Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Object Storage Service (OSS), to ensure the proper functioning of virtual laboratories. for learners following his courses.

“This collaboration with Alibaba Cloud will provide Filipinos with opportunities to expand their skills as members of the workforce amid the challenges of the pandemic,” said Donald Lim, COO of DITO CME. .

“Our partnership with Alibaba Cloud underpins our shared mission to improve the knowledge and capabilities of Filipinos in the areas of cloud computing,” added Dann Angelo De Guzman, Founder and CEO of CloudSwyft.

“Alibaba Cloud is extending its full support for this initiative by leveraging its cutting-edge technologies to equip Filipinos with the skills to accelerate the country’s digital transformation,” said Allen Guo, Country Manager for the Philippines, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

LUNA Academy is a Philippines-centric platform initially anchored in out-of-the-box digital skills.

The platform connects learners to employment and internship opportunities with the country’s leading global and local companies.




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