Amarillo College Partners With Online University To Make Degrees More Accessible

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) -Amarillo College is partnering with Western Governors University, a non-profit online university, to make it easier for AC graduates to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

“We are therefore delighted with this partnership with Western Governors University,” said Wes Condray-Wright, director of communications and marketing at Amarillo College. “It’s a quality institution that provides an online degree to our students, so that they will be able to finish their two years as associates here, then move on to Western Governors, but then stay here in the community.” and to play an active role in the economic development of Amarillo. “

Although Amarillo College has partnered with other universities, this is its first online university program.

“It’s just to provide another opportunity for students who want to get their bachelor’s degree, who cannot physically move, and it allows them to get it online,” said Ernesto Olmoa, director of counseling at Amarillo College.

AC will plan its programs according to WGU for a smooth transfer.

“But we have already built this platform where the transcripts that we know will be transferred. The courses that we know will work towards that undergraduate level. And so, it kind of helps simplify that process,” Olmoa said.

AC says there are more benefits to going the AC route to WGU.

“There are also tuition reimbursements and scholarship possibilities, and so our goal is to set that to allow students to finish with us and then move on to this fully online program. So a lot of our students may not be physically able to go to college, and this is really a fully online program so students can take it to the next level and transfer, ”Olmoa said. .

The option to transfer to WGU will be available to graduates in Fall 2019.

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