Online Colleges in Kansas

Many online colleges in Kansas provide opportunities for working professionals and busy students to earn a degree. According to a report by the Digital Learning Compass, online enrollment is steadily increasing. Of the 220,222 students enrolled in Kansas institutions in 2015, 79,683 students were enrolled in online learning courses. Of these online learners, 75% studied at public institutions, 16% at private, for-profit schools, and 9% at private, nonprofit institutions. Of the state’s students enrolled only in online programs, 47% were Kansas residents, 45% were out-of-state students, and 8% were from outside the United States.

Many students take online college courses in Kansas to study while dedicating time to personal and professional commitments. This guide provides information for students considering online colleges in Kansas, including enrollment rates, tuition costs, job opportunities, and scholarship options. This guide also identifies the state’s largest industries to help prospective students determine whether an online education from a Kansas institution is right for them.

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