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As a part of our mission to inform prospective students about online colleges, we have developed a custom ranking algorithm that uses school-reported data to determine the best online programs.

We know there is not just one path to a career; that’s why we have over 50 rankings covering programs at the associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels. We have dedicated hundreds of hours of research with top online education experts to ensure our rankings are thorough, accurate, and trusted.

Our Methodology

We base our rankings methodology on the factors that matter most to online students. Using official, standardized data, we weight metrics such as the number of online programs, the percentage of online students, and graduation rates to create a unique list of online colleges that provide excellent support, instruction, and results for their online students. Read more about our methodology.

Best Online Colleges

Top Online Bachelor’s Rankings

Bachelor's degrees provide a strong entry level credential to get started in some of the most competitive fields. They are also mandatory if you want to pursue a graduate level education. If you're sure higher education is for you, and you know your field of interest, a bachelor's degree is the best place to start.

Top Online Master’s Rankings

Many specialized careers require a minimum of a master's degree to be qualified. These 1- or 2-year degrees are typically completed after graduating from a bachelor's program. Students gain highly specialized knowledge that qualifies them for mid to senior level positions. Online master’s degrees are also a good stepping stone to a doctoral program.