Online Colleges in Wyoming

Online colleges in Wyoming provide students with accessible classes, flexible scheduling, and affordable tuition. Wyoming follows national trends by embracing distance education and delivering relevant academic guidance and financial support to students. In Wyoming’s 2016-2017 Digital Learning Plan, the state sets forth a five-year plan to promote the benefits of online higher education while minimizing its costs and time commitment. To achieve this, Wyoming prepares to offer more part-time courses and open classes that students can access at no charge through participating colleges and universities. The plan also calls for more collaboration among the state’s institutions and specialized training for educators and school administrators so they can better support online student’s goals.

While too early to fully determine the results of the state’s five-year plan, Wyoming is already enjoying a steady increase in distance learner enrollment. According to the Digital Learning Compass 2015 report, 32% of students enrolled in online college courses in Wyoming, a 1% increase from the previous year. This guide provides prospective students with in-depth information on the condition of online education in Wyoming, including statistical evidence of individual and institutional successes. Learners also gain insight into tuition rates and career opportunities. The guide ends with a list of scholarships for online Wyoming students.

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