Online Colleges in West Virginia

According to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, higher education leaders in the state intend to double the number of degree holders by 2030. They’re targeting students just graduating high school as well as professionals considering an advanced degree, which has led the state to invest more in online learning. Currently, West Virginia educational institutions provide coursework to over 150,000 students each year, and more than 82,000 of those students rely on online courses. Over 62,000 of those students take all their coursework online.

As distance learning enrollment continues to increase, the state strives to provide additional resources, including the West Virginia Online Collaborative Knowledge System and Electronic Campus, which collaborate with local colleges and universities to direct students to the right programs. As a member of the Southern Regional Education Board, West Virginia distance learners now have access to the new nationwide site, which connects students with distance learning programs that meet their needs.

This guide includes pertinent information about higher education in West Virginia, ways for students to save money on their education, and current trends in West Virginia’s job market.

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