Online Colleges in Washington

According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), Washington state hosts 86 postsecondary educational institutions. Of that number, 26 are four-year public institutions like the University of Washington and Central Washington University, and 23 are four-year nonprofits, including Antioch University and the Art Institute of Seattle. Of the two-year programs, 17 are public, and five are nonprofits; of the 15 for-profit institutions, 11 are four-year and four are two-year programs.

With this wealth of educational opportunities, Washington state is the center of education in the Pacific Northwest, providing students with a variety of training opportunities. Study anything from software development and cybersecurity to healthcare specializations such as chiropractic therapy and dentistry to journalism or linguistics. This page covers online colleges in Washington state, including the best online colleges and the most affordable programs. This is the place to begin your school search.

Before we dive into our list of the best online colleges in Washington for 2018, let’s start with the state of higher education and online education in particular in Washington today.

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